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     Cloud Os (Operating System)

           Cloud Os: - Hello friends, how are you all today, we are going to talk about Cloud Os, as if What is cloud os, how many types of cloud os, where is use cloud os, and many more information of cloud os

      What Is Cloud Os

             What Is Cloud OS: - cloud is a browser-based operating system, which is produced by (Good OS LLC) in Los Angeles, much of it is used to keep its data safe, and it's more like a tablet PC notebook Is used in 

              Cloud is a web browser, which allows you to access any browser without booting access (the process of getting the operating system is known as the Butting) More information of booting   

       Cloud Os (Operating System)

               The important work of the Cloud Os is that, in virtual environments, you also manage the operation of one or more virtual machines.
              The ability to work in virtual environments and cloud services, used differently, is different, for example (Microsoft Windows Azure) and (Google Chrome OS)

                Due to its simplicity, Cloud gets booted in seconds, Cloud OS (Operating system) has been built for devices like Notebook Android Internet Service and PC

          How many types of cloud os

                There are many types of cloud operating systems, such an atmosphere in which it is necessary to pay only for the necessary resources, establish the cloud in such an environment, cloud operating systems are also called the Vertical machine

Cloud OS
Cloud 1.0
DeveloperGood OS LLC
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateDiscontinued
Kernel typeMonolithic kernel
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.1 Unported

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What is cloud os
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